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Successfully marketing and selling real estate is changing rapidly as the internet,  technology and social media (link to blog website continue to flourish.  Our marketing philosophy is one of presenting our listings to prospective buyers in the most thorough and professional manner possible through creating custom media pieces for attachment and dissemination through the internet, social media and in print.  The more compelling our presentation is, the longer prospective buyers are spending evaluating our listings.  To create a positive emotional response in a buyer is our ultimate goal.
Buyers are now in fact eliminating properties from their search based on their marketing presentation before ever speaking with a realtor.
Below are samples of some of our work we have created as marketing professionals.   Kristen has gained the aptitude of a professional photographer, and proficient videographer & media editor resulting in the ability to create superior presentations for all our listings.  In doing so she has actually found a new hobby that she truly enjoys.
The team works closely with other marketing professionals to aid in completing the final print  products. The end result is greater visibility for our listings,  an increased likelihood that a buyer will call for a showing, and a reduced chance they will rule out the listing based on its internet presentation
Please see the For Sellers tab (link to For Sellers) for a detailed marketing plan.
85% of buyers start their property search online and their #1 request is to be able to see more and higher quality photos. Kristen has the ability to shoot and process all photos herself so every room can be photographed. Kristen also knows what buyers are looking for and can compose the photos accordingly.
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Studies show that full motion video is now the most compelling medium for online marketing and viewing video online is now a routine practice for many people.  You Tube is the #1 place people are searching for video.  Kristen has a You Tube Channel (link to my you tube channel )where all of her videos are downloaded.  Streaming video makes a house come alive and aids in creating a more emotional response in a buyer.
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The Property Collection
The Property Collection (link to version) is an exceptional real                                                                                          estate showcase featuring the property and development listings of Kristen L Meyer & Associates. 


View online version.  (link to to view)
Request a copy be sent to you. (send to contact us page).
Logos(first person is used above and we should stick w it for consistency)
Kristen L Meyer & Associates  tends to work on new development project listings to a significant degree.  At times, this includes collaborating with their client through visioning, market analysis, schematic design and through launch, construction and closing.  One of the first marketing products they often produce is a project logo. branding  a project is critical and one of the most impactful branding tools is the project logo. This creates an identity for a project that may not  be started yet and imparts  a level of professionalism that helps generate  buyer confidence in the project and the team .
Slideshow of logos
Project Collateral
Beyond the logo, another of the primary branding and market positioning techniques in presenting a project to the marketplace is in project marketing collateral development.  The vision for the project is conveyed through this collateral.   By designing and producing so many of the marketing elements  in house, they   have the ability to adapt and adjust as necessary without excessive waste.  Jamatra Custom Homes Sample Brochure
Fireside at Dreamcatcher Sample Brochure
Riverwalk Sample Brochure
Spruce Ridge Townhomes Sample Brochure
Telemark Sample Brochure


Marketing Brochures
Depending on your property, the team has  a variety of supplemental marketing pieces that they  will create. They e use various programs ?in house? to create floorplans, site plans, maps, trail maps, etc (link to piece). This aids us in delivering value to the buyer while promoting our sellers property with the utmost level of professionalism.
Sample Multiple Page Brochure
Sample Two Page Brochure 


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